Day 19


There may come a day in your life,

Where you find that there will be strife,

And it will continue forever

Unless the guiding hand is severed.

What makes people monsters afterall

Is when their fellow man falls,

Then takes revenge upon others

until all the world is smothered.

Day 10

Wait a Minute

Of course I dressed up just for you,

squeezed my toe into this shoe,

put on make-up, did my hair,

(I wouldn’t wanna give you a scare)

You see, my dear, I live for you,

Almost like I live for shoes-

or chocolate…

Don’t take offense

It just makes sense

We just met, it’s too intense.

Day 6

A Valediction to My Sanity

I bid thee farewell.

Having you was swell,

But you broke like an eggshell

When people started to yell,

You flowed away like a spilled inkwell,

Now I twitch at the ring of the doorbell…

You’ve become heavier than a dumbbell

That exploded into a thousand pieces of shrapnel

And then proceeded to crack me like a nutshell.

And that is why I bid thee farewell.